Diana’s voice has tremendous versatility and range.  It’s perfect for projects that require a corporate, professional-type sound as well as those that need a more conversational, natural read.  She can be the professorial type, the classic soccer mom or just a friend you’re having a conversation with…  She can narrate non-fiction or be a myriad of different characters in a book.

Taking direction very well, Diana can adjust her performance to your specific needs.  Her vocal tones can be described as warm and rich, generally in the mid to lower mezzo range.

Her extensive experience began when she announced for a classical music station in Monterey, CA. Then she moved further west to help build a radio station in Lahaina, Maui.  At this station, she wrote and produced commercial copy and performed as on-air talent.

Having been able to write commercials for clients gave her a unique insight into effective interpretation of messaging.  Diana can evaluate the copy and find the best way to utilize her skills in voiceover to most effectively convey what’s being said…

Book her for:

  • Commercials
  • E-Learning
  • Narration
  • Audio books
  • Video games
  • Medical narration
  • Television narration
  • Political commercials

Diana has adapted flawlessly to the world of internet VO.   And her fully outfitted professional studio, from which she’s able to deliver high-quality, industry-standard sound, makes it so that she can complete your VO projects with speed and ease.